About Us
UNISEC Inc. was founded in 1971 by Mr.Albert Hermans, an entrepreneur with an extensive background in electrical contracting, product design, and manufacturing.

UNISEC quickly became one of the leading designers and manufacturers of security equipment by offering a quality line of equipment designed for use in the field. UNISEC developed a number of patented ultrasonic motion detection products, which protected prestigious facilities worldwide, including the Liberty Bell, atomic stations, national art treasures, and NASA facilities.

UNISEC continues to provide perimeter security equipment under the brand name UltraBarrier, www.ultrabarrier.com

Since 1992, UNISEC has been the parent company for LVS, Inc. which designs and manufactures energy conservation and emergency lighting control equipment, including central lighting inverters (back-up power systems). LVS product lines can be viewed at www.lvscontrols.com and www.closetlightrelay.com